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yoga courses and private classes


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What is yoga?

People all over the world are in search of meaning, in search of their life’s purpose.


“Why am I here?” “What should I do with my life?”


It is tempting to go look for answers in certain places, like India. But it is not as easy as that. Just by going to a place, you will most likely not find your answers.


The truth is, you will not find answers just like that anywhere in the world. 


All the answers are inside of you and you can access them, regardless of where you are physically located.  


Yoga guides you to your own inner guru. To your own wise woman, your intuition.


You step on your mat and you start moving your body in union with your breath. Your mind gets focused on just that and all the chatter of day to day life starts to calm down and dissolve.


The physical part of yoga - the asana practice - gives you back control over your body. With time, you’ll be once again in charge of commanding your limbs and muscles, rather than have your body work on autopilot. 

But the real gold lies in meditation. 


The true goal of yoga is to make the connection with your intuition, your inner wisdom and your True Self. When you prepare your body with asana, it can sit still for meditation.

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Initially that can be a whole new challenge for people. Without the focus of movement and breath, the mind can easily return to thoughts about to-do lists, worries about the future or thoughts about the past.


But with practice, you’ll get past that. And then you start to cherish those minutes of meditation. You start to feel your inner world. Subtle sensations of energy. A feeling of calm and peace washes over you when you remain in the moment, with your Self.

THAT is the only place where you can discover your true purpose, your true Self, your inner guru, your wise woman, your intuition and your Ikigai.


Visit this place frequently to establish and maintain the connection to your inner knowing and all the answers will come to you.

What I can offer you

With 700 hours of yoga teacher training from Yoga Alliance Registered Schools and 2 years of teaching experience, I have developed a Hatha Vinyasa teaching style that takes you on a journey of breath and movement, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

One on one, I honour your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha) and your personal goal for your practice, and develop class sequences to strengthen your body, balance your energy and guide you to that place of stillness, where you can be with your Self.


Based in Prahran, Melbourne, I can offer private classes in the comfort of your home within the area or we can practice together online wherever you are.

Contact me for a free welcome consultation or find out more about me below.

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