This is me

I was born in a small town in central Germany over 30 years ago.


I spent the first 23 years of my life in my home country, before venturing out exploring life in other countries and cultures. After 6 months in France, I came to Edinburgh, Scotland and instantly fell in love with this beautiful place and its people, spending the majority of the next decade here.

Edinburgh Skyline

My yoga journey started towards the end of 2015. At that point I was in a relationship for over 8 years and I was struggling. We met when I was just 20 and over those years, you can say we grew apart. I felt lost. I felt like I didn’t know what I wanted from my life. Where was I headed? So I tried to find answers within myself. I signed up to yoga classes and went to a few meditation workshops, searching for clarity.


I didn’t really find it back then.


Another 6 months later, that relationship broke down and instead of giving myself some breathing space, I started seeing someone else. I continued going to 1 or 2 yoga classes per week, but my main focus was on building my marketing career and landing my dream job. I joined Edinburgh’s largest 5 star hotel in November 2017 as Marketing Manager. I was leading a small team, responsible for marketing the hotel, its spa and beauty salon, restaurant and bar. Meanwhile I got involved with the UK Hotel Marketing Association, volunteering as their Scotland Ambassador, helping to grow the Association’s reach and sharing best practice with fellow Hotel Marketers through workshops.


I was living the Corporate Lifestyle to the fullest and I was loving it too.

We had such a great team at the hotel, excellent designers and photographers and an amazing product to sell and market and we were frequently invited to exclusive events, especially during the many festivals in Edinburgh thanks to our marketing partnerships and clients. From a professional point of view, it couldn’t have gotten any better.

Then in September 2018, another relationship broke down. This time, I gave myself the space to feel all the emotions that come with a break-up. All the grief and the pain, the heartache and the tears and it hit me hard with a double dose, bringing up the feelings of loss from my first relationship too, which I never had the room to feel at the time when it ended. 


It made me think and reflect about life a lot. Then I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and felt like a veil had been lifted, like I was suddenly seeing the world clearly whereas before everything was a bit blurry. Things suddenly made sense. And I started talking about my new insights with friends and family and over the months I could see the positive impact it was having on their lives too.


When I finally got the keys to my own place a few months later, I decided it was time I treated myself to a holiday. So I booked a place on a 1 week yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka in February 2019. 

OMG - the best holiday of my life. 2 yoga classes per day, meditation, healthy, Ayurvedic food, massages, nature, ocean, sunrises and sunsets, and a bunch of amazing people. I came back feeling so at peace with myself and the world. And I wouldn’t shut up about yoga after that.


In the months that followed, I kept getting more and more signs from the universe that confirmed that yoga was becoming more than just a hobby to me. It had helped me process and get over so much pain and I wanted  to share its benefits with other people. I kept reading books and going to classes and dreaming of Sri Lanka until I went to Bali on another retreat 6 months later. This time, more than just feeling at peace, I felt so inspired by the yoga teacher’s story and her lifestyle and something in me lit up and one thought became crystal clear in my mind: I want that! 

I want to teach yoga in beautiful places and help people process difficult experiences like break ups and find their own inner peace and happiness.


Shortly after I came back, I started setting wheels in motion and another 6 months later, I finished up at the hotel, packed up and left for India. The timing was incredible as just 3 weeks later, Covid sent the world into lockdown and so I’ve spent way more time here than I had ever imagined.


Feeling very lucky to have had the chance to complete two yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh, Yoga Capital of the World, over the last year, I am now very excited to start offering Mind + Body Yoga Classes online and I hope you will join me on your mat from wherever you are in the world.