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Chapter Four | You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be

It's only a disaster if you make it one

10 days into my trip around India and this has become our signature phrase: It’s a disaster! Frankly speaking, if it wasn’t for the amazing people I’m travelling with, this trip would have been an absolute shit show. The itinerary is all over the place, trying to pack so much in, that we’ve spent most of the time so far sitting on a mini bus driving for 5-6 hours to a destination in order to spend an hour at the main tourist point, usually the city fort, to then have dinner and do the same again the next day. This is far from the spiritual India journey that I thought I had signed up for. BUT, and this is a massive but, I am still loving this experience. The level of consciousness and awareness in our group is high and we’re helping each other out, raising the vibrations with energetic feel good dancing and singing on the bus, laughing it off, letting it go and being in the moment. Everyone of us is on their own journey of personal and spiritual growth and through this experience we learn and grow together - and maybe we inspire others on the way too. Meanwhile, the media attention that a certain virus (let’s call it CV) has received is spreading unbelievable fear and panic. Countries are imposing entry restrictions for some nationalities which for me personally means I can no longer visit Nepal as planned.

There is no point however to fret over it. It is what it is and I am very grateful that I have the freedom right now to just go with the flow, remembering that I am exactly where I am meant to be. Yesterday, we walked into a random nice looking hotel nearby and the staff were wearing masks and they were afraid of us and asked us if we had CV. While the government imposed entry restrictions for certain nationalities (as opposed to people who have travelled through affected areas recently) are creating this kind of fear and separation between nations, someone in China shared a beautiful perspective on this. They talked about how their nation has calmed down, couples, parents and children are talking to each other again instead of rushing around to work. The roads are quieter, the skies clearer, the sun brighter, people are reading books and having conversations. It has brought people closer together. What’s my point in all of this? I guess my point is that everything that happens to you is not in your control, but the way you perceive and react to it is fully in your control. Whatever is happening in your life right now, try to remember that you are exactly where you are meant to be. There is a reason why we are where we are. What’s the lesson in this? What is the opportunity for growth and how can we stay grateful and shine our loving light to help others find their own? Sending you lots of love and light, Jessy

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