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After Effects - Life After IUD Removal

Life after IUD/Mirena

Three months have passed since I had the hormonal IUD (Mirena) removed. In my last post I had written about the fact that I felt so out of touch with my cycle and that that was the main reason I wanted the coil removed.

My body has recovered pretty much instantly in terms of periods and it feels great to have a cycle again. I started using an app called ‘Clue’ which allows you to track not only your periods, but all sorts of things like how much sleep you’re getting, the condition of your skin, digestion, activity, yoga, meditation, when is the full moon, your mood in any given day, are you feeling social or more quiet and drawn in, etc. It’s a wonderful app also giving you an estimate of when you ovulate and when your next period is due.

Now, if my period is due in a few days’ time, I know that I can expect to be a little more emotional, I can expect changes in my skin and potential discomfort in my body, such as bloating or tender breasts.

The beauty of it is, that I can now plan accordingly whereas before I was just completely clueless. After a few months of tracking your symptoms, the app also analyses patterns and gives you predictions which is very helpful.

Overall, the biggest change that I’ve noticed is in my appetite and consequently in my skin and weight. Anyone who spent some time with me especially back in Rishikesh over the last year will testify that I had the biggest sweet tooth! I happily ate dessert after every meal. Omelette for breakfast, great, let’s follow up with a little cake :) Have some tiramisu, chocolate mousse, ice cream, pancakes, you name it. If it was on the menu, I would order it. Often reading the dessert section before looking at the main courses.

Since the IUD has been removed, this sweet tooth has completely gone. Poof… Vanished into thin air. I have absolutely no desire these days to order anything sweet. Very occasionally I will still enjoy a bite here or there if my partner happens to order a dessert, but the need to order it for myself does not exist anymore.

That means I am now eating a ton less sugar and as a result my skin is so much clearer and I feel a little slimmer in my body too.

In the last 3 months a lot more has happened too. Travelling around the South of India has been a whole new adventure in itself and enjoying the sunshine and ocean vibes was much needed. I have also started teaching online yoga classes in English and in German.

More about travelling South India and going digital coming soon in my next post.



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